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As many clients will attest to, we make it a point to approach each roofing project professionally and efficiently in order to yield desirable results for our clients; regardless of their roofing system's size, scope, or complexity!

In order to perform quality and affordable roofing services, such as repairs, re-roofing services, or complete roofing system overhauls, it is first important to properly assess and inspect the roof. This allows the roofing specialists (A Jecks Roofing) the opportunity to become familiar with your particular roofing system and its inherent issues. Once the problems, be they repair, leaking, or structural related, are identified and isolated, our team of seasoned roofers can implement repair and replacement strategies accordingly.

Expert Roofing Repairs

Regardless of the size, scale, or condition of your property's roofing system, our masterful roofing teams are more than up to the task of repairing, patching, and addressing any of your roof's issues.

For several decades, our company, A Jecks Roofing, has been synonymous with world-class roofing repairs, reasonable pricing, and above all else: quality roofing coverage! We combine our years of roofing experience, cutting-edge roofing equipment & tools, as well as a genuine pride in helping our New Jersey neighbors towards ensuring their home's roofing system is safe, sound, and secure. Whether your particular property is a smaller-sized, residential home with a sloped roof or your property is a larger commercial property, with a custom roofing system, our dedicated roofers treat each roofing repair contract with diligence and professionalism.

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Emergency Roofing Services

Has the roof of your residential or commercial property caved-in, developed a serious leak, or have the roofing materials become separated from the roofing system? If so, we strongly encourage you to reach out our seasoned roofers here at A Jecks Roofing as soon as possible to expedite our roofing services!

What Roofing System Is Best Suited For Your Property?

Project Management - Style - Design - Materials - Composition - Layout - Litigation

Considering each property is as unique as it's owner, having an experienced and roofing company at your disposal can prove invaluable when selecting what roofing system fits your home or business. Furthermore, a reputable and knowledgeable roofing company will also be able to factor in material costs, roofing installation timeframes, as well as any possible incentives that can be applied towards your property's roofing project.

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Areas In New Jersey Our Roofing Services Cover

New Jersey Counties

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Residential Roofing Coverage
Curious as to whether or not your home is eligible for a roofing upgrade?

Not every roofing repair, replacement, installation, or upgrade needs to be the financial responsibility of solely the homeowner! In our decades of providing expert roofing coverage in the residential sector here in New Jersey, we've replaced, re-roofed, and installed countless roofing systems on behalf of our valued residential roofing clients; often at little to no direct expense to the homeowner! A common question we receive from prospective residential roofing clients seeking a roofing system overhaul or replacement is "How is this is possible?" and the answer is largely dependent on the condition of the current roofing system, as well as insurance claim and rebate eligibility - which we are highly proficient at navigating!

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